The most important developments in the womb take place in the early weeks of pregnancy so it is a good idea, when planning a pregnancy, to ensure your body is in the best possible condition to carry a baby.

Deciding to try for a baby is such an exciting decision. There are however 1 in 7 couples in the UK who experience difficulties when trying for a baby, this can be very upsetting and stressful.

If there is a physical problem, best to discuss with your doctor. Once you have a plan in place, be it IVF or another route, reflexology can then assist you on this path. However, many couples are told there is nothing physically wrong and there is no medical reason given as to why they are struggling to conceive.

Reflexology is not a cure and there are no guarantees but it is believed to help by balancing the endocrine system and reducing stress levels, allowing your body to relax and help nature to take its course.


This is a wonderful, natural, emotional and life changing process. Reflexology can help with the early stages of morning sickness all the way through to the birth. Relaxation is ideal for your body to create the best conditions for your baby to grow and develop. Here are some benefits reflexology can help with throughout your pregnancy:

Release of stress and anxiety
Increase energy levels
Indigestion and heartburn
Nausea and vomiting
Fluid retention (e.g. in the ankles)
Bladder weakness

Postnatal Care

After birth a lot of the focus changes from mum to the new baby. You are now in full throws of sleepless nights and nappies, which is wonderful but you have just been through a lot (physically and emotionally). You need and deserve sometime to rest, relax and find your balance again. After the birth the hormones change dramatically and can have a huge impact on a new mum’s emotions. Reflexology can support women who are suffering post natal depression or ‘baby blues’ by helping to restore a sense of balance and calm. Please see your doctor if you are having problems with depression.