Louise is my guardian angel. From my first appointment, her warm and loving nature put me at ease; she took on my burdens of living with endometriosis as if they were her own. In the first two months, she eased my pain symptoms and I managed to get back to work, with my stress levels greatly reduced. By month three, I became pregnant and all my dreams came true. She is not only wonderful at what she does but she truly is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She has given me my life back and for that I could not thank her enough.

Sam, Edenbridge

I saw Louise over a series of a months for a variety of different reasons. Louise has a natural way of putting her patients at ease and is sensitive to their needs. She is both professional, knowledgeable and personable. After only the first few sessions, I could feel the difference in my sleeping and general well being as the treatment allowed my body to rid itself of unwanted toxins and tensions that was impacting on my health which further improved with every session. Louise is a natural at what she does. I can’t recommend her enough.

B, Oxted

I went to see Louise as I was having some issues with my back due to carrying my two year old son. Louise is extremely friendly and approachable so I felt immediately at ease and able to discuss my lifestyle and what factors may have impacted my body. Louise was very knowledgeable and provided an amazing treatment. I was so relaxed afterwards and felt less stiff in the following days. I could not recommend Louise highly enough to provide a professional and therapeutic treatment.

I received a treatment for a chest infection and that treatment made me feel much more relaxed & eased the symptoms. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience as Louise carried out the reflexology with confidence and care.


I have known Louise for a couple of years, and from the moment I met her I liked her. She has a calm and caring nature about her and as soon as she starts speaking you feel instantly more relaxed as she has such a lovely gentle voice. I went to see her initially for stress as I have a very busy lifestyle and 3 young children and I know how great reflexology was for stress and re balancing the body. The treatment was very relaxing and calming which was just what I needed, and by the end of it I felt very chilled and de stressed which is exactly how I wanted to feel. I would definitely recommend Louise, as she is just lovely and I will continue to see her as often as I can for my hour of ‘me time’ which I recognise now to be so beneficial!!


I have been seeing Louise now for over a year and can’t believe how much she has helped me. I have a few conditions, one being Sleep Apnoea. I was a bit sceptical about Reflexology at first but thought I would give it a go as my medication was causing me so many side effects, which was becoming worse than the condition itself. Instantly I felt at ease in Louise’s company and without a doubt the regular treatments I have help me to gain a better sleep pattern. Also, along the way Louise noticed an imbalance around my Lymph Nodes, I was booked in for an MRI for my heart check up and they called me in the following week to say I needed more tests, eventually it turned out that I had a lung disease, called Sarcoidosis. Louise is very professional and I couldn’t recommended her highly enough.


I had the most wonderful relaxing treatment with Louise. I suffer with sinus problems, Louise identify this ailment, worked on this and it eased the pain. I also slept very well that night after the treatment, as I was fully relaxed!


I was a bit sceptical about reflexology, it isn’t common for men to go for something like this. But I was pleasantly surprised. Louise worked on an area of my foot linked to my stomach as I have had problems with digestion and I definitely felt the benefits! Louise is really good at what she does and I would definitely recommend it for something to relax you or to try and ease an ailment you might have. It was the best nights sleep I’ve had for a while too,

Richard, Surrey