What to Expect


Once you are comfortable you will be taken through the consultation and consent form during your first appointment. Any personal information disclosed will be treated with the greatest of respect and confidentiality. For your first appointment, it will last 1 hour and 20 minutes.


The treatment involves applying pressure to all areas of the feet. Please do not worry if you have ticklish feet – the pressure applied is firm enough so this will not a problem. I will end your treatment with a massage.

During The Treatment

Reflexology is very relaxing and calming. Some clients even fall asleep throughout the treatment! So if you want to lie back and relax, sleep or chat it is up to you – it is your time. Each session is a unique experience and each client responds differently. Some of the points of the feet can feel slightly tender as they are being massaged, which can indicate an imbalance in that area.

After the Treatment

Afterwards you will have a feeling of relaxation and balance. I am yet to give a treatment where my client does not feel calm, energised and more balanced. A re-adjustment process may occur which is both positive and very beneficial.

How Many Treatments will I Need?

Treatment plans will vary from client to client. A feeling of deep relaxation can be obtained with just one session and maintained with weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Treatment plans for specific conditions will vary, some clients possibly weekly for 4-6 treatments then once a month. Treatment plans can be discussed during the first appointment or afterwards.